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US Green Building Council

GBCT is an Acredited Verifier for the NGBP. Green Home Certification is a 6 step process.

  • Meet with GBCT- to register your project with the NGBP, discuss setting goals and schedule rough inspection date.
  • Use the NAHB Green scoring tool-to score the home to be certified and download your Designer ’s report.
  • Builder receives registration from NGBP. Signs the agreement 
    and submits.
  • Rough Inspection- before drywall but after complete insulation-all 
    points claimed will be inspected for compliance. Builder and verifier 
    sign off on rough inspection results.
  • Meet with GBCT to review verification report and shedule final 
    inspection date.
  • Final Inspection-before closing- verifier and builder sign verification 
    report. All documentation is turned in and home is certified green 
    by the Nation Green Building Program (NGBP)