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Michael Bishoff - Stamford, CT

"About six months ago my son was speaking very favorably about an energy audit that he had conducted for his home. He indicated that the initial cost was very low (since it is subsidized by the utility company). The energy analysts came up with a wide variety of recommendations to make his home more comfortable throughout the year and reduce his heating, cooling and  overall electrical costs. The firm that conducted the energy audit and then implemented many of the recommendations was Green Built Connecticut. He was very pleased with the process and the work that was accomplished.

Based on his recommendation, I reached out to Michael Fusaro of Green Built to conduct an energy audit of my house, which is over 8,000 square feet above ground. The overall experience was extremely positive. The lead technicians, Richard and Mike, were very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and offered a wide variety of recommendations at a very reasonable price. Despite being built in 1998 and very well constructed, my house still offered many insulation challenges. The quality of the work, the materials that were used, and the total professionalism of the technicians was of the highest caliber. Additionally, due to the extremely cold last winter, I realized that several areas of my house were vulnerable to the possibility of frozen pipes. The solutions that were implemented by Mike and Richard were very creative and cost effective. I have a very high degree of confidence in the work that was done.

So in conclusion, I would definitely recommend that an energy audit be conducted of anyone’s home and that Green Built Connecticut should be contacted for the audit."