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Your home’s efficiency and comfort starts (and stops, if it’s in poor condition) with insulation and air sealing. Intuitively, a poorly insulated home allows heat to be easily transferred through walls and a poorly sealed home allows air to leak directly in and out of a home. You’d be amazed how much room for improvement there is in this department, across the board from new to old and existing homes.

Improvement opportunities:

Windows and doors: We often find weaknesses in and around windows and doors. Either they were improperly sealed and insulated from the start or have grown to be that way over time. In either case, updating insulating and sealing around windows and doors is a great opportunity to improve your home’s efficiency and comfort without breaking the bank.

Basements: Cold air often creeps into a home through cracks in its foundation and then seeps up through floor boards and other leaks. Proper sealing of the basement sealing can impede this process. Basements also tend to be areas of high moisture, which can lead to mold and other issues. To stop the flow of cold air into the house from the basement and the infiltration of low quality air, it is imperative to have you basement evaluated for air sealing and insulation opportunities.

Crawlspaces and attics: Similar to basements, crawlspaces and attics are often avenues through which indoor air escapes and outdoor air intrudes, bringing moisture and pollutants with it. These spaces need to be sealed of and insulated in a way that they will resist moisture and ventilate stale air, while stopping indoor air from escaping.

Walls and floors: Also similar to basements, crawlspaces and attics, walls and floors that are either above or adjacent to unconditioned spaces need to be properly sealed and insulated. A leaky kitchen floor above a basement will create a cold kitchen and a living room wall adjacent to a garage will allow pollutants into the home if not properly sealed.

Many of these opportunities constitute the “low hanging fruit” of home performance. It is often possible to make a big improvements to your homes efficiency and comfort, by simply updating your homes insulation and air sealing.

To take the first steps toward a healthy, efficiency home, contact us today about our insulation and air sealing services!