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Heat Pumps

Have you ever wished you could leave your AC unit in year round and simply switch it to heat? Heat pumps can make this wish a reality and provide you with optimal comfort year round, while using a fraction of the energy used by a traditional system alone.

How heat pumps work:

Heat pumps are powered by electricity to efficiently absorb heat from cold spaces and transfer it to warm areas. In the summer, the process is reversed and cool air is drawn from warm spaces and pumped into cooler spaces. Since heat pumps simply transfer ambient temperatures for one space to another and don’t directly create the heat themselves, they can heat or cool a room much more efficiently than traditional baseboard heaters, radiators or forced air. On it’s own, a heat pump may not be able to handle times of peak warmth or cold, but it will help to put less stress on your home’s other systems, making them operate more efficiently as well.

Benefits of adding a heat pump to your system:

  • Efficiency: As referenced above heat pumps are far more efficient than traditional heating or cooling. This is because they use the air outside as their source of hot and cold air rather than burning oil or expending excessive amounts of electricity to heat coils.

  • Comfort: Heat pumps help to keep your home at the preferred temperature year round. You won’t have to lug your ac unit in and out of the basement with each season change--heat pumps are always there. After install, you need only to set the temperature to enjoy year round comfort.

  • Control: New and existing homes alike often have rooms that don’t seem to be heating or cooling the way they should. Heat pumps are especially useful for zone control. If there is an area of your home that you have struggled to keep at a consistent and comfortable temperature, a heat pump can be an efficient, low cost solution that not only fix is the problem but improves comfort throughout the home.

If you’d like to learn more about heat pumps and their benefits or schedule a home assessment, contact us today!