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Green Building Programs



National Green Building Program
National Association of Home Builders recognized the future of sustainable home building and put together the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines The guidelines where published in 2005 and are still the backbone for today’s green building principles. Click here to read about the history of NAHB green and the development of the Green Building Guidelines. Recently, the NAHB and the International Code Council (ICC) have partnered up to develop a nation wide green building standard. The guidelines have been submitted to the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and are awaiting approval. The new National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is expected to be officially released in late July 2008. When released it will be the first national green building standard. 

NGBP Green Home Certification Process
GBCT is an Acredited Verifier for the NGBP. Green Home Certification is a 6 step process.

  • Meet with GBCT- to register your project with the NGBP, discuss setting goals and schedule rough inspection date.
  • Use the NAHB Green scoring tool-to score the home to be certified and download your Designer ’s report.
  • Builder receives registration from NGBP. Signs the agreement 
    and submits.
  • Rough Inspection- before drywall but after complete insulation-all 
    points claimed will be inspected for compliance. Builder and verifier 
    sign off on rough inspection results.
  • Meet with GBCT to review verification report and shedule final 
    inspection date.
  • Final Inspection-before closing- verifier and builder sign verification 
    report. All documentation is turned in and home is certified green 
    by the Nation Green Building Program (NGBP)

Stay updated on the NGBS release and more visit our blog page