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About Us

Located in Stamford, CT, Green Built CT’s main areas of focus are planning, building and educating. Each of these three pieces are essential to building green and efficiently as well as spreading the green building movement. We are a Certified Green Pro and an Accredited Verifier with the National Green Building Program which was developed by the National Association of Home Builders.

Planning: Green building is most effective when well planned and worked into projects from the outset rather than as an afterthought. At GBCT, we consult on proposed projects and determine aspects that could be done more efficiently or yield more efficient results. Through the project planning process, we like to incorporate green building in a way that fits existing budgets rather than adding new costs.

Building: This aspect of our business and consulting is not only about the physical act of building, but also the process and materials. Closely tied to the planning phase of each project, with the building process we aim to incorporate green and efficient practices wherever possible. By working closely with building professionals and consulting on the different aspects of a project, we are able to ensure that green building standards are adhered to and achieved in the final result.

Educating: Taking the time to educate both the builders and homeowners with whom we work is one of the most important aspects of our company. We don’t want to improve just one house or project, we want each person we work with to walk away seeing the benefits of green building and working to incorporate the green building into future projects.

In addition to our green building consulting and verification work, we also offer a few key services that focus on the most important contributors to home efficiency. Our energy saving and efficiency improving services include energy audits, insulation, air sealing and heat pumps.

To learn more about our organization and what we can do for your project or home, contact us today!