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Energy Consulting for Builders and Contractors

Consulting on incorporating energy efficiency into building processes and designs is one of the most important services we provide. Home performance and energy consulting doesn’t just improve one home, it can help to change your approach as a contractor. You’ll start to see opportunities that will enhance your final product and leave customers raving about how comfortable and efficient their home’s are.

About Energy Consulting

At Green Built CT, our specialty is treating the house as one interconnected system, a system in which every component must work in harmony to create an efficient, comfortable and healthy in home experience. We are experts in identifying weaknesses and advising on home performance best practices. By consulting on building aspects like HVAC system sizing and air sealing, we are able to help ensure that a home’s systems last as long as possible and operate as efficiently as possible.

Plan. Build. Educate.

Through the design and building phases of we aim to utilize efficient planning to minimize the environmental impacts and amount of resources consumed during development, construction and over the lifespan of a home. Throughout the planning and building phases of all our projects, we take the time to provide education on what we are doing, what we are looking for, and how we’re doing it. We believe that if it fits within the budget, green building practices should always be utilized. In our eyes its a win-win-win. We get to spread green building, builders get fresh ideas for how to put out a more comfortable and efficient product, and the homeowner gets to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, healthy and efficient home for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about our Energy Consulting services or schedule a consultation, please contact us today!