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Efficiency & Sustainability


Welcome to Green Built CT

“Our Mission is to accelerate the green building movement by linking local home builders to useful resources and nation wide green home building programs”

We see every home as an opportunity to improve the existing housing stock and the home building process. Efficient, sustainable, green building can be achieved through effective planning and design, which minimizes the environmental impacts and amount of resources used during development, construction and throughout the lifespan of a home.

As a full service green home certifying and consulting company, GBCT helps to facilitate efficient home building processes through planning, building and educating. We consult with both building industry professionals and homeowners to determine the best and most economical ways to incorporate green building into as many projects as possible.

Our goal is to make going green and improving home efficiency and comfort as attainable as possible for homeowners and builders alike. We offer energy audits and other home energy saving services that both highlight and address some key efficiency opportunities on a home-by-home basis. Energy Audits can be used to budget green home changes in existing homes or assess the performance of new homes.

As with all our services and consulting, we look for opportunities that fit in with project budgets and act to enhance the building process as well as the final result.